Is Your Wireless Carrier the Right Choice For Your IoT Project?

Are you launching an IoT project? Have you considered whether your current wireless carrier is the right choice for your project? While it may be tempting to stick with what you know, it could end up being a costly mistake. Connectivity requirements are complex and often overlooked which can contribute to project failure. To ensure success, it’s important to consider the following factors when choosing a wireless carrier for your IoT project.

Network Coverage

IoT devices rely heavily on network connectivity. If your wireless carrier lacks reliable network coverage in the area where your devices will be deployed, your IoT project may encounter connectivity and reliability issues. Establishing relationships with multiple mobile network operators (MNOs) is a widely adopted practice. Although it may seem like a sensible initial step, managing multiple MNOs can quickly become a logistical nightmare in the long run. This includes the complexity of integrating each MNO and managing multiple SKUs.

If you’re planning to deploy IoT devices globally, ensure that your IoT service provider offers a platform that simplifies multi-MNO integrations and relationships for seamless connectivity. Additionally, check if the provider offers an efficient solution to navigate areas with poor coverage, enabling your IoT devices to operate without interruptions.

Bandwidth Requirements

IoT devices generate a significant volume of data that necessitates fast and dependable transmission. If your  wireless carrier cannot meet the required bandwidth to support your IoT project, the performance of your devices will be compromised. It’s crucial to comprehend the specific bandwidth requirements of your IoT project and verify that your carrier can meet them, taking into account factors like the nature of your project. For instance, real-time video monitoring requires higher bandwidth than temperature-sensing applications.


In today’s world, data security is a top priority for businesses across various industries. With the increasing use of IoT devices, asset security has become a sensitive topic, especially for companies deploying IoT programs across the globe. Depending on the nature of the IoT device, protecting sensitive customer data and ensuring network security is crucial. For instance, businesses in the healthcare, financial, and government sectors cannot afford to have a data breach, making it essential to have a reliable IoT service provider that offers a multilayered security approach that safeguards your devices and backend systems.

Scalability and flexibility 

Scalability and flexibility are crucial components of any successful IoT project. However, many MNO models have not yet caught up with the scalability requirements that IoT projects demand. Traditional connectivity was not designed with IoT in mind, making it challenging to scale networks from 100 devices to hundreds of thousands. Additionally, devices may be deployed in remote locations where it is not easy to find wireless support. Moreover, the technologies used in IoT projects can phase out quickly, making it essential to have the flexibility to switch carriers or technologies rapidly. To overcome these challenges, your service provider should enable remote updates of SIM cards to facilitate easier management and updates of devices remotely, eliminating the need to access them.

Roaming Challenges

When working on an IoT project, it’s really important to consider whether your wireless carrier can handle roaming restrictions. These restrictions can seriously impact the performance of IoT devices when they move outside of their home network, resulting in limited data usage, additional charges, and reduced speeds. This is especially true for devices that rely on real-time data transmissions, like a fleet of connected vehicles that need GPS tracking and communication. If these devices are subject to roaming restrictions, they might not send or receive data accurately or promptly. To avoid these kinds of issues, it’s essential to choose a service provider that can offer seamless connectivity across multiple networks that comply with local regulations. That way, you’ll have reliable and consistent performance for your IoT devices, no matter where they are.


When it comes to IoT projects, it’s important to choose the right cellular IoT pricing plan to maximize efficiency while keeping costs down. The requirements of different devices vary, so it’s essential to have flexible pricing plans that provide the necessary features without unnecessary expenses. Managing multiple MNO agreements across different countries can be challenging, especially considering the constraints of core network and billing vendor agreements that affect cost transfer to businesses. For instance, MNOs must charge for every registered IMSI, even if they are not immediately used. However, Smart IoT solutions can provide simpler ways to manage connectivity costs and offer more cost-effective options. It’s important to select a dependable IoT service provider that offers flexible pricing plans and consolidated billing to ensure your IoT project’s success. 

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