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One SIM, Multiple Carriers

Global IoT connectivity with a single SIM, backed by expert support and intelligent switching capabilities.

Connectivity Designed for IoT

VIoT-Flex, Velocity’s IoT SIM card, offers access to multiple carriers, sidestepping single-carrier limits. It blends eUICC benefits with multi-IMSI simplicity for efficient global and cost-effective connectivity.





Major US Carriers


VIoT- Flex: Cellular IoT Anywhere

Say goodbye to roaming woes, embracing hyperlocal connectivity that’s seamless, smart, and secure. Stay updated with real-time events, streamline operations and cut costs. Your world, always connected.

One Global SIM Card

One SIM for all carriers, with direct-to-carrier reliability & performance.

Future-proof Connectivity

With-over-the air updates.

Auto Carrier Switch

If one carrier isn’t available your IoT device will automatically switch to another.

Device Agnostic

Will work with most cellular IoT devices.


Fast-Tracking IoT Deployments

Our team offers expert support to enhance your IoT initiatives, including router setup, solution consulting, device deployment, and technical assistance.


Our advanced security suite ensures both device and data protection without hindering device performance.

Full control

Our cloud-based platform offers total connectivity management tailored for both small and enterprise businesses.

Quick Time to Market

integrate once with our solution to access global coverage, avoiding separate setups for each carrier, platform, and protocol.


Plans & Pricing

We offer IoT-specific standard rate plans with unique pooling capabilities, allowing you to scale seamlessly. Alternatively, opt for a fully customized plan tailored to your specific usage and network needs. Regardless of your choice, you’ll only be billed for active SIMs.

Try our product commitment-free with no contract required, available now on Digi-key.

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