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Effortlessly integrate IoT solutions with Velocity IoT—your partner for advanced connectivity and bespoke service, connecting devices worldwide with simplicity and reliability.

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At Velocity IoT, we aim to streamline the integration and use of IoT technologies in various sectors. Our core mission is to enhance IoT accessibility, ensuring businesses and individuals can leverage the benefits of connected technologies efficiently and effectively. With a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, we offer reliable and adaptable IoT solutions tailored to meet diverse needs.

Our expertise in providing versatile connectivity options positions us as a key facilitator in the evolving landscape of IoT, helping clients navigate and utilize these technologies for improved outcomes. With Velocity IoT, you’re not just choosing a service; you’re gaining a partner dedicated to customizing solutions that fit your unique needs.

Global Reach, Local Connectivity

Our VIoT-Flex SIM card is a game-changer, offering connectivity to over 600 networks in 190 countries, ensuring that your devices stay connected with the strongest signal available, no matter where they are.

Unlike typical roaming services, our solution provides the unique ability for each SIM to connect natively to multiple providers, optimizing coverage and performance. This, paired with the convenience of over- the-air updates and intelligent provider switching, redefines what you can expect from global IoT connectivity.

Why Velocity?

Decades of Experience

Our seasoned leadership boasts 40+ years of IoT experience, with a history of advancing millions of devices from ideation to market, showcasing our industry expertise.

Your Success Is Our Priority

We are committed to your IoT project's success from the ground up, offering end-to-end project support characterized by our bespoke, white-glove service.

A Partnership for Progress

Velocity IoT champions a growth-focused partnership, collaborating with clients to jointly meet IoT goals.

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IoT Connectivity EV Charging

Plans & Pricing

Flexible plans with features like cross-plan and regional pooling, paying only for active SIMs.


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IoT SIM Cards

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