About Velocity IoT

Our mission is to accelerate global IoT connectivity

Accelerate IoT
Global connectivity

We offer seamless global connectivity at the best value with the highest levels of service.

Using software-defined connectivity, VIoT-Flex provides global cellular data  designed with IoT in mind. We take the guesswork out of carrier selection, roaming considerations, excessive overage fees and more. 

Our experienced professionals have decades of experience working with are knowledgeable in all aspects of IoT, from connectivity to router hardware kitting,  and configuration and testing. We take pride in our focus on complete project support to enable fast and successful IoT deployments.

Connect to 600+ networks in 190 countries using a single SIM card

Features include, updates over the air, intelligent switching to the strongest provider and more.  We are not another roaming operator, each VIoT-Flex SIM has the ability to connect to several providers natively.


Future - proof your projects with VIoT-Flex, an eUICC compliant multi-IMSI SIM card that allows for seamless global connectivity.

Industrial IoT
GPS Tracking


Plans and pricing to fit your business needs. Features include cross-plan pooling, cross-region pooling and the option to only pay for active SIMs.


IoT can be complicated, our team is here to help you simplify it.

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