Global IoT SIM Card


Future-proof, secure connectivity anywhere

Multi-IMSI technology  and eUICC compliant, fast track your IoT project with VIoT-Flex.

Seamless global connectivity with a
single SIM card

Designed for IoT use cases

Remote SIM provisioning gives you peace of mind that you will never have to physically replace SIM cards or manage multiple SIM cards for different regions and carriers, all updates can be done over the air.

Easy implementation

Carrier negotiations and integrations are eliminated, integrate once and access Velocity IoT’s global network.

Improved efficiency

Managing IMSIs rather than full SIM profiles improves success rates, minimizes data consumption during OTA transactions and saves battery life.

Intelligent switching

VIoT-Flex will automatically switch to the strongest carrier network, ensuring SIM cards can be configured to prefer or avoid certain networks based on the needs of the customer.

No more permanent roaming

Direct carrier relationships with local network operators so devices are always using local connectivity.

Only pay for what you use

Affordable pricing, Velocity IoT offers competitive rate plans ideal for a wide range of use cases.

Velocity IoT _Lease agreement

Compatibility with both standard & eSIMs

IoT SIM Card

Removable IoT SIM Card- Triple Cut Card


Operating temperature: -20 +85 °C

Form factors:

  • 2FF Normal SIM 25.40mm x 15.00mm
  • 3FF Micro SIM 15.00mm x 12.00mm
  • 4FF Nano SIM 12.30mm x 8.80mm

Embdedded IoT eSIM Card


Industrial grade eSIM card that is soldered to devices. Benefits include:

  • More lightweight than traditional SIMs
  • More protected from environmental hazards
  • Improved resistance to shock, vibration and impact

Operating temperature: -40 +105 °C