We make the complex look simple

Cellular IoT - Anywhere

Velocity IoT uses future-proof multi IMSI technology to provide global cellular connectivity and SIM management. Specifically  designed for IoT,   VIoT-Flex optimizes performance globally with access to hundreds of carriers including major US carriers.







Manage global IoT connectivity with a click of a button

Software - Defined Connectivity

a modern global cellular connectivity and SIM management service fully designed for IoT, that optimizes performance globally. Multiple local IMSIs eliminate coverage gaps and roaming restrictions.

Autonomous Switching

No More operator lock-in with multiple carriers in each location. If one carrier is not available, your IoT device will automatically switch over to another.

Integrate once cover the world

Single integration with our REST API suite instead of multiple with each of the carriers, platforms and protocols

Connectivity- Micro mobility IoT
POS Terminal

Any GSM Technology

We change and evolve with the new standards, technologies and protocols, including 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, NB-IoT, and LTE-M all the way up to 5G

Cloud Native

Highly elastic Kubernetes environment on a private or public cloud enables seamless scaling to suit your business growth.

Advanced Security

Our multi-layered security suite provides device and data protection without compromising on IoT device performance

Data Privacy Compliance

Data remains in the country of origin, and connections can be terminated where necessary to comply with privacy regulations such as GDPR.

Simple and device agnostic

VIoT-Flex SIMs are hardware – agnostic and easy to use, simply set the APN to get started. Will work with most cellular IoT devices ranging for GPS trackers to IoT routers. Find out more about how Velocity IoT can help you with your hardware selection, configuration and kitting.

Velocity IoT ONeRATE™

Not just another pooled plan, say goodbye to the traditional

Our IoT plans are built on a pay as you go model, you only pay for active devices. If there is no data passed on the platform there is no charge.

ONeRATE™ offers unique pooling capabilities that goes past standard in-plan pooling.

Cross-Plan pooling all rate plans within a group contribute their pooled data to one consolidated pool, where it is available to all SIMs and across all rate plans in that pool.

Cross-Carrier pooling is a key feature of ONeRATE™ with our technology the SIM selects the best carrier available to us and your rate doesn’t change.

Cross-Region Pooling enables the group and all rate plans within to contribute to the pool for all coverage regions available to that group