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One SIM multiple carriers







VIoT-Flex: Global IoT Connectivity

VIoT-Flex provides direct access to hundreds of wireless carriers, unlike traditional SIMs that rely on roaming or are locked into a single carrier. Velocity has a unique solution that combines the benefits of eUICC and the simplicity, ease of use and cost effectiveness of a multi-IMSI solution.


Say goodbye to permanent roaming

One Global SIM Card

Velocity's service is offered on leading tier-one cellular operators. The best of all worlds: One SIM for all carriers, with direct-to-carrier reliability & performance.

Future-proof connectivity

With-over-the air updates

Auto switch to the strongest carrier

Autonomous switching, if one carrier isn’t available your IoT device will automatically switch to another.

Device Agnostic

Will work with most cellular IoT devices

Cellular IoT anywhere

Integrate once - cover the world

Single integration with our REST API suite instead of multiple with each of the carriers, platforms and protocols

Full control

Velocity’s Cloud-Based SaaS Platform for managing SIMs, gives at-a-glance visibility of usage, available networks, connection history and so much more.

Plans designed for IoT

Only pay for what you use. With our ONeRATE™ IoT plans our low MRC rates are only charged when data is passed on the SIM otherwise there are no costs. Our plans allow for cross – plan, cross-carrier and cross region pooling with low overage rates.

Professional Services

Our team is ready to provide assistance in accelerating your IoT development. Router setup, solutions consulting, device deployment support and technical support are some of the services provided.