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The global vehicle telematics market is projected to reach a value of $154.8 billion by 2028. Some reasons behind this rapid growth include the increased adoption of connected vehicles, the demand for improved safety, and government regulations that have further driven the adoption of telematics for safety and emissions requirements. Telematics providers have leveraged IoT to develop sophisticated solutions that optimize vehicle performance, reduce costs, and improve safety. IoT-enabled telematics devices such as GPS trackers, dash cams, and sensors rely on cellular connectivity. Selecting the right connectivity provider is critical for ensuring that devices operate effectively and efficiently. Traditional SIM cards can pose challenges for the telematics industry due to their limited capacity, high maintenance costs, and inflexibility in handling large-scale deployments of connected devices. In this blog post, we will explore how Velocity IoT’s global IoT connectivity solution can help overcome these challenges.



One of the biggest challenges for telematics systems is limited connectivity coverage, especially when operating in remote or international locations. Traditional SIM cards are often tied to a single operator and network, making it difficult to achieve reliable connectivity across borders or in areas where the primary operator has limited coverage. 


Costs related to connectivity can be a significant challenge for telematics devices. For example, the cost of SIM cards and their activation during manufacturing can add up quickly, especially for large-scale production. Furthermore, traditional SIM cards may require specific data plans that can be costly, tying in telematics providers to a specific network and creating challenges when scaling up operations. In addition, roaming charges can further add to the cost of connectivity, particularly for fleets of vehicles that operate across different regions or countries. All of these costs can result in significant expenses and logistical challenges for telematics providers, impacting their profitability and ability to provide competitive pricing.

Device lifecycle management

Managing and maintaining telematics devices over their entire lifecycle can be challenging. Connectivity through traditional SIM cards can cause problems, particularly when network technologies are phased out or sunsetted, such as in the case of 3G. This can lead to compatibility issues with older telematics devices that rely on 3G connectivity, potentially rendering them obsolete and requiring costly device or SIM card replacement.

Real-time data

Real-time data is crucial for telematics devices, such as dash cameras, because it provides immediate insights into driver behavior and vehicle performance. For dash cameras, real-time data helps improve driver safety, reduce accidents, and lower insurance premiums. It enables rapid action in the event of an accident by notifying emergency services and providing critical information about the incident’s location and severity.

Velocity IoT’s Global IoT connectivity solution

Velocity IoT offers a global connectivity solution that provides access to 600+ carriers with a single SIM card. Our VIoT-Flex SIM cards combine the benefits of eUICC and the simplicity, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness of a multi-IMSI solution. Highly secure local core networks deployed in different countries enable devices to download and use localized IMSIs. Velocity IoT’s solution is designed with IoT in mind making it ideal for the telematics industry, benefits include:

Ubiquitous connection

Velocity IoT provides seamless global connectivity through a single SIM card, offering access to multiple carriers and autonomous switching capabilities. As devices travel across borders or encounter unreliable coverage or availability, they can switch autonomously to ensure continuous data coverage. In addition, minimal latency guarantees high-quality data transmission.

Future- proof

Remote SIM provisioning provides peace of mind that physical replacement or management of multiple SIM cards for different regions and carriers is not required. All updates can be done over the air, ensuring convenience and flexibility. This feature protects devices from network sunsets and other carrier-related technology changes.

Competitive Pricing

Velocity IoT offers competitive rate plans that are ideal for a wide range of use cases. Our policy is to charge only for what you use, so devices that are not active within a billing month will not incur charges. Moreover, unlike traditional eUICC solutions, Velocity IoT does not impose transaction fees for managing profiles.

Real-time monitoring

Velocity IoT’s platform provides access to real-time, detailed network status and device activity, enabling advanced troubleshooting capabilities.

VIoT-Flex SIMs are hardware–agnostic and will work with most cellular IoT devices ranging from GPS trackers to dash cams. 

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